Why you need Backup Buddy or equivalent cloud-storage backup for your WordPress site

You need off-site (cloud storage) backup to your WordPress sites for several reasons:

  • Almost all conventional hosts (Hostgator, Godaddy, BlueHost etc) backup accounts on a 7-day rotation. This means that on each Monday, your site backup over-writes the previous Monday’s backup.  You will never be able to restore data more than one week back.  This means that if your site is corrupted or phished and you don’t notice for a week, or else your critical programs or business files are deleted, you will be out of luck.
  • Furthermore, host backups are notoriously unreliable.  To be blunt, they may just not happen, get lost or corrupted.  It costs only pennies per month to backup your site to cloud storage (typically Amazon Web Services).  You would be very foolish not to set this up, as it only needs to be done once.
  • Finally, it happens (although rarely) that hosting companies go out of business, and/or experience catastrophic data loss from server failures or hacker attacks.  Once again, there is no reason to take any chances on your important business data and programs, that may have taken you years to develop.

Backup Buddy is the world’s leading WordPress backup solution.  It normally costs $52.  We are offering you lifetime single-site license (single-domain) included in the service.