As of November 12, 2020, WP Academy is under new ownership by Web X.0 Media. Please contact us with any questions.

WP Academy started in 2008 to satisfy the need for tightly-produced courses in web design and web marketing for self-employed professionals on a budget.  WP Academy went on to build an online education platform with over 45,000 students, which later expanded into an outsourced services business and a managed WordPress hosting business.

Skills and Resources we bring to the table

We care for the problems that small businesses experience in creating an affordable and functional web marketing system.  We are experts in WordPress web design, performance, e-commerce systems, mailing list, marketing automation and CRM systems.  We have a bias towards open-source solutions as they are cheaper and sometimes more functional, and we are continuously researching the best solutions in a rapidly-changing technology landscape (see some of our Research Articles).   In addition, Marc has fulfilled various roles in the past including CTO-for-hire, systems analysis and design, database programming, technical writing, sales copywriting, instructional design and instructional video production, and marketing consultant.

Your best bet in exploring a possible fit is to email us from our Contact Page and we’ll give you a ball-park estimate for your job.