cPanel Shared Hosting vs. VPS - Which is best?

cPanel Shared HostingManaged VPS HostingWP Academy "Shared VPS" Hosting
Maximum Sites1 site on starter plan(s)Unlimited1 site
WordPress SupportDepending on the host. For most inexpensive shared hosts, application support is limited to getting your site back up if it goes down altogether. Site optimization or bug-fixing is not included. VPS hosts officially do not provide application support, although some will help you if your application goes down. You can also easily restore site from backup"Shared VPS" means that you share a single VPS instance with a small number of other customers. Limited application support is provided by WP Academy. However, we can, for a modest per-incident fee, diagnose or optimize your site to give you < 1 second page loads. No other inexpensive host provides this service
Server Support
PerformanceTypically 1-3 second page load times (but could be much more) Typically 0.5 to 1 second page load timesThe performance is practically the same as regular VPS (0.5 to 1 second page loads)
Stability & SecurityDepending on the host. All big-name shared hosts have been known to go down for days at a time, and support quality is very variable. GreenGeeks appears to be a notch above, however. See above. VPS servers tend to be rock-stable and fairly secure Same as a private VPS
Cost $10/mth Green Geeks
(One site on starter plan. Deep discounts on first-term, bringing the price down to $120 for the first 3 years, but renewing at $360)
Alternative recommended cPanel host: Siteground
$10/mth - Cloudways (Unlimited sites)$42/yr - WP Academy(first site)
$20/yr - WP Academy (additional sites)

Includes site transfer and site optimization, which is a manual process.
Limited to ~ 25,000 monthly sessions. If you exceed your capacity, however, we will move you to a private VPS and you still only pay $10/mth.