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The story behind WP Encyclopedia

Marc Benteau

Marc Beneteau

I started teaching web design and web marketing back in 2010, and since then have served 800 customers from all over the world through my company WP Academy.

Soon after I started teaching, it became apparent that the biggest problem that both myself and my students faced was the lack of a central, authoritative training and resource center for the kinds of web technologies that you need to know to create an online business.

What was painfully missing was:

  • A single, trusted resource that was comprehensive enough to include quality training on ALL the technologies that you need to start an online business
  • WordPress training that was specifically oriented to a business audience, containing, for example, information on the commercial themes that are critical to creating a professional-looking website
  • A searchable index of WordPress plugins by category which would include recommendation, feature tours and configuration videos for each one.

Because of the lack of this resource, would-be webmasters had to spend dozens, sometimes hundreds of hours in research and frustrating trial-and-error. And during this time, their business wasn’t happening.

So, we set about building such a resource. In May 2012 we created the first (2012) edition of WP Encyclopedia. About 500 copies were sold at prices ranging from $100-$150. Successful web businesses were started out of this and hundreds of hours were saved, but the price was a barrier to some. Also clients of mine in developing countries, or with poor internet connections, were not able to watch the HD videos. Finally, the content coverage did not satisfy me. Much more was needed.

WP Encyclopedia 2014 was created for my students. Our curriculum has now been used on thousands of WordPress websites for over 3 years.

What is included in WP Encyclopedia 2014?

WP EncyclopediaWP Encyclopedia already includes 330 topics, 170 HD videos, and 8 fast-start training sequences to help you get started producing professional-looking WordPress websites. You will get immediate access to WP Encyclopedia 2014 for a donation of your choice.

The new WP Encyclopedia 2014 fulfills my career dream of super-affordable, high-quality, accessible WordPress web marketing training for entrepreneurs worldwide.



What do you get with your donation to the WP Encyclopedia project?

Immediately after payment you will be taken to the registration page where you will get access to WP Encyclopedia 2014 for Web, Kindle, Android and iPad. You will get updates through Dec. 2015, and your access to content will never expire.

Developing websites and marketing businesses online has never been so easy and so fun!

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