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The WordPress platform has made it possible for anyone to build themselves a website for business or for passion. The thing is: it’s not as easy as some would have you believe. You can spend hours (or weeks) struggling with themes and plugins, or trying to integrate your site into your marketing platform — and still end up with an amateurish or barely-functional site.

The WordPress Business Toolkit will help you tremendously.  It includes all of these great resources:



kindle-essentials-200WordPress Essentials for Business” short course

WordPress Essentials for Business is one of WP Academy’s flagship courses.  Over 10,000 people have already benefited from this fast-start training sequence, leaving 100+ four- and five-star reviews.

The course covers most of the WordPress user interface. We learn by doing as we build out an actual website for a client of ours, explaining and demonstrating key concepts along the way, such as themes, plugins, widgets, images, etc. You can expect to walk away from this training with an attractive website and a solid understanding of WordPress fundamentals.

green-check-round wpa-professional-video

Bonus #1: Create Professional Videos From Your Home Studio For Under $500

Video production is now a requirement of modern marketing, yet many people are not using it. Why wait? In this presentation we’ll tell you what you need to do to create stunning videos on a modest budget. We’ll also give you tips on presentation, scripting, lighting, and much more.


Bonus #2: WP Clone Plugin

wp-cloneWP Clone Plugin is the best way to copy and migrate WordPress websites from one host or domain to another.  If you develop sites, you will need it.

Get Your FREE WordPress Business Toolkit

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